This documentary tells the incredible story of how a maximum security prison that was run by the drug Cartels where violence, drugs and corruption were rampant was turned around through intercession, courageous action and divine intervention.

El Cereso Prison, situated in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, is one of the nation’s toughest prisons, and considered by many to be a university for criminal behaviour. For years the inmates controlled the prison, making huge sums of money by selling drugs. Most of the prison guards were corrupt and turned a blind-eye to what was happening. All this changed when one man obeyed God and stepped outside the comfort of his church building. This is the incredible story of how an overcrowded prison, full of violent gang members and drug addicts, experienced a dramatic transformation, which initially saw over 600 inmates turn to God.


Business owners, teachers, pastors, and other ordinary men and women are adopting Silicon Valley in prayer and expressions of God’s love and we’re seeing a powerful move of God taking root in the city! As believers walk in obedience and faith, we are seeing God do extraordinary things with measurable fruit in the region!


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